The usual strategies for overcoming creative blocks include things like take a shower, go outside, do something different. These are all great advice, but I have some different ideas that will create lasting transformation rather than a quick solution.

If you want a quick fix, try one of the strategies above.

If you want to permanently open and expand your creative flow, try this 5-step practice instead.

I use this process whether I am stuck with where to go next in a painting or unsure what to do next in my business:

  1. Beginner’s mind is essential to success. Stop trying…

Minette in her studio, writing in her journal
Minette in her studio, writing in her journal

I’ve been cleaning out my studio and office this week in preparation for a few girlfriends who are coming for art camp next week. And in one of the piles of paper I came across an article written by Brendon Burchard for Success magazine on the topic of Deep Necessity.

The article is about what makes high performers unique. While there are a few characteristics described in his article like obsession with their particular field of interest, think Michael Jordan or Frida Kahlo, he cites deep necessity as the quintessential differentiator.

What is Deep Necessity?

Burchard describes necessity as the emotional drive that makes…

Zentangle® Inspired Trees

Have you found your creative inspiration waning after two months of quarantine? You’ve worn holes pacing in the backyard or circling your block. Maybe you have hardly even stepped outside. You’ve binged all your favorite shows, read every book in the house, twice and three times to your kids. You’ve discovered cooking genes you didn’t know you had in an effort to add some variety to eating at home 3 emails a day — for the first time ever.

15 to 30 minutes of creative play a day can boost your mood, reduce anxiety and relax your body and brain.

We’ve all been in a heightened emotional state whether we realize it or. Stress, anxiety, worry, and fear about the future…

Zentangle® tiles drawn by Dr. Minette Riordan

Mindfulness is a hot topic in many organizations for good reason. Leading a team or an entire company can be all-consuming, stressful and taxing on our energy, sleep and decision making abilities. Studies have found that when leaders practice mindful leadership, they feel better which means those they lead feel better — productivity, effectiveness and satisfaction all increase.

Stress is one of the most cited causes of mental and physical complaints about carrying out job tasks and the costs to organizations of medical claims due to stress is enormous — about $300 billion per year, ouch. …

Are you a successful professional woman at the top of your game in your career or business?

From the outside looking in, your life looks pretty amazing.

But inside your soul is longing to create something meaningful, beautiful, and inspired.

That was my story about a decade ago. I was running a publishing company, winning awards and was well known in my community. But I hit a moment where I realized my heart wasn’t in it. …

Warning, I am going to rant for a minute. Been feeling this rant coming on for a while and then I got a hit over the head just now and I can’t keep quiet. To all the well-meaning parents, teachers and mentors out there who keep telling their kids, students or mentees that they can’t make a living as a creative, I say to you to you:


There are many, many examples of rich, successful, happy creative business owners.

I had a few minutes over lunch today to rest and wanted some mental distraction. So I…

On Being an Artist

I am an artist.

Seems like a simple, clear statement, four tiny little words.

Easy to type on this blank page.

For me, it is a loaded statement. As I type the words “I am an artist” I am owning, honoring and issuing a battle cry.

You are an artist, too.

Did you gasp? Agree and nod your head? Think oh no, not me? I couldn’t be…

The words Art and Artist are loaded with so much emotional baggage for me. I grew up in a family of Artists and there was a clear distinction between…

Minette Riordan

Award-winning entrepreneur, speaker & best-selling author. She is passionate about helping others own their artistry and embrace their creative genius.

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